We're Digital Linguists

We believe the first step for better communication is to acknowledge each other's humanity

Who Are We

We are a team of experts in the field of modern languages who specialize in multi-language remote interpreting, document translation, digital copy editing, multi-lingual marketing and content creation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bridge the communication gap between two or more parties who do not speak the same language, keeping everything that is said and interpreted accurate and confidential.

What We Do

The Talk. Code of Ethics



Our interpreters treat as confidential all information learned in the performance of their professional duties, observing any disclosure requirements.



Our interpreters strive to render the message accurately, conveying the content and spirit of the original message, taking into consideration its cultural context and core ideas.



Our interpreters strive to maintain impartiality and refrains from counseling, advising or projecting personal biases or beliefs: a mirror image of the language source in the target language.



Our interpreters maintain the boundaries of their professional role, refraining from personal involvement, no matter the setting or context.



Our interpreters continuously strive to develop awareness of their own and other cultures encountered in the performance of their professional duties.



Our interpreters treat all parties with respect, before, during and after the activity. Talk. even takes care of scheduling and hosting of events. 

Why Choose Us?

We have a pool of highly-talented polyglots who are professionals interpreters and follow our Standards of Practice

A good interpreter is more than just a skilled linguist – he or she is someone who is willing and able to be a good, compassionate listener.

Our interpreters have excellent sensory, motor and cognitive skills. We also switch interpreters every 30 min in meetings for optimal performance.

Our interpreters have an extensive vocabulary of multiple languages and related work experience as linguists, editors, language instructors and translators.

Our interpreters have experience coping with stress and self-control when dealing with difficult speakers.

Our interpreters are culturally aware, having worked and lived in different countries around the world.

Our interpreters show emotional resilience in any type of communicational setting, whether in hard negotiations, prolonged discussions or difficult impasses.

Board of Directors

Helwing Villamizar

Founder, CEO

Editor, AVSEC interpreter, developer and visual artist. Chief online editor at Airways Magazine.

Multilingual copy editor, proofreader and Spanish/Portuguese/English language instructor.

Digital Public Relations & Marketing Specialist. Interpreter and performing/voice over actor.

Ethics and Finance Advisor.

Modern Languages Specialist. Cambridge CELTA/DELTA Instructor. Co-founder at Xemant.com

Classical Languages Specialist. Greek, literature, philosophy, theology, linguistics, ethics.

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