Perspectives on New Aesthetics

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AI and Post Conceptual Art

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Net Art, Post-internet Art, New Aesthetics: The Fundamentals of Art on the Internet

The web has an immense influence on our daily life and the social relationships we construct, making undeniable the importance of internet culture and its associated artistic creations.

The Case for Web-based Art Projects

Web-based art projects have evolved significantly over time, and much of this evolution can be attributed to the growth and development of the internet.

What Does Having an Artist Website Entail?

In today's digital age, having a website is crucial for artists who want to showcase their work to a wider audience, build their brand, and grow a following.

The Importance of Digital Platforms for Galleries and Musums

Galleries and museums need a website for several reasons. We explain all the benefits of having an digital platform for your gallery or museum.