Remote Interpreting Services

We provide a wide range of Services

Our professional interpreters specialize in legal, medical, pharmaceutical, business interpreting, and conference interpreting (medicine, nursing, law, regulations, IT, energy, environment, commercial aviation, AVSEC and public policies).

Choosing the right service

We offer remote interpreters catered to your target audience and type of event, whether it is a one-to-one meeting or a large-scale webinar or conference.

Consecutive interpreting

The speaker pauses every few minutes and the interpreter then renders his words into the target language. Consecutive interpreting extends the duration of the event but has the advantage of being more conversational in style, as both parties are able to speak uninterrupted. Generally used for meetings, presentations, and training courses.

Simultaneous Interpreting

The interpreter speaks while simultaneously listening to and understanding the next sentence. It is a real-time process, and the message rendition must take place within the time allowed by the speaker’s pace, without altering the natural flow of the speech. Generally used in large conferences, media launches, press releases and live TV broadcasts.

Sign Interpreting

A sign language interpreter is a professional who is fluent in two or more (sign) languages and interprets between a source language and a target language and mediate across cultures. The interpreter's task is to facilitate communication in a neutral manner, ensuring equal access to information and participation. We are proud to bring this service into online meetings and webinars.

Sight Interpreting

Sight translation transforms a written message into a spoken message. It involves reading a text, usually, but not limited to legal contexts, silently in the source language, and then speaking it in the target language. All documentation will be handled with confidentially and destroyed upon completing of the interpreting job.

Tutorial Interpreting

YouTube has become an important channel for study. You can find many video tutorials to give you tips or guide you through doing something new. Video tutorial interpreting leverages Zoom's screen sharing feature, where the interpreter conveys the tutorial content in the target language.

Event Scheduling

If you do not want to deal with setting up and configuring you Zoom events, for your events, we have you covered. We take care of contacting Zoom participants, scheduling meetings and webinars, assigning interpreters from our pool of certified professionals in the field, all in accordance with the host's POC and requirements.

Simultaneous or Consecutive Interpreting?

It is standard practice to use Simultaneous Interpreters for Webinars and Consecutive Interpreters for meetings. But what is the difference?

For simultaneous interpreting, Talk. always uses team interpreters unless the event is 30 minutes or less.  For consecutive interpreting, we strive to use two interpreters. For late scheduling, it is possible that only one interpreter is available. The client and the interpreter will then collectively determine whether it is feasible to use just one interpreter.

When only one interpreter is hired, a 10-minute break every 45-50 minute session is mandatory to relieve interpreter fatigue. The interpreting fee remains the same as that for two interpreters.

Generally speaking, the daily cost for consecutive interpreting is approximately half of that of simultaneous interpreting. However, if you need to cover the same amount of content, the number of days would double for consecutive interpreting.

The base sessions and the interpreting cost are designed for one meeting room. If there are breakout meetings, there will be duplicate costs for each additional concurrent session. In other words, each concurrent session needs a team of (two or more) interpreters.

As a meeting planner, you need to factor in the costs for speakers and/or attendees when selecting the interpreting mode. If you decide to choose consecutive interpreting and double the meeting time, the logistic costs for speakers and attendees may double.

If you have any questions related to a specific project, please contact us for a free quote.  We encourage you to contact us early to facilitate your planning.

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