The Power of Collections: Custom Webflow CMS

A content management system that works for artists, galleries, and museums.
decide what to show and when to update

A CMS that works for everyone

Don’t lock yourself into inflexible templates, blog-centric content structures, or complex code languages. We build the CMS schema you need and connect it to any design you want.

Curators and Editors
Add, edit, and update content right on the page, then publish in a click.
Content Strategists
Create custom content types and structures to meet your strategy's unique needs.
In-house Designers
Design around your real content, without relying on developers.
Your art projects gorgeously presented

Premium portfolios that take your digital presence to the next level

Structure, organize, and share your artwork and that of your artists with Webflow CMS functionality, where you can add & edit projects and explain processes/stories through rich texts, images, and video.

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inform your visitors of your activities

Gallery shows, workshops, events and more

Leverage the Webflow CMS and the power of tags and categories to populate your site with past, present and future exhibitions, events, and workshops.

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Manage your members however you need

Build gated experiences with Memberships

Create exclusive, branded experiences for your customers and community. Engage your audience with branded subscriptions. Create unique experiences for different groups of members. Give your members options with free, invite-only, or paid subscription tiers.

Gate your premium content
Offer members-only content that no one else can access.
Offer online workshops
Share your knowledge with members-only online courses.
Build a member portal
Give collectors a central way to access exclusive content.

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