Meetings and Webinars

Remote Interpreting with Zoom

Host can now include interpreters in their meetings or webinars by enabling language interpretation in Zoom.  We schedule the events, designate professional interpreters, and much more. 

Leveraging Zoom

Zoom developed a feature which allows us to deliver high-quality interpreting services into many languages at the same time. By harnessing this tool, we are able to provide further business services for this new post-Covid era.


Consecutive Interpreting

Generally used for meetings, presentations, and training courses, consecutive interpreting extends the duration of the event but has the advantage of being more conversational in style, as both parties are able to speak uninterrupted.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Generally used in large conferences, media launches, press releases and webinars, simultaneous Interpreting is a real-time process, and the message rendition takes place within the time allowed by the speaker’s pace, without altering the natural flow of the speech.

Sign Language Interpreting

In meetings and webinars, a sign language interpreter, a professional fluent in two or more (sign) languages, interprets between a source language and a target language and mediate across participants, ensuring equal access to information and participation.

How we use Zoom

Our Clients

From business negotiations to large-scale training webinars and conferences, we have worked with clients that are among the top in their respective industries.

"Amazing Team and Top Quality Interpreting!"

We couldn't be happier with the results from our acquisition negotiations. Communication was clear for both parties, and the process went smooth and even enjoyable.
Juan Calzadilla
CEO, Imacol Inc.

Interpreting Plans

Consecutive Interpreting
90 minutes
Generally used for meetings, presentations, and training courses between two parties.
Simultaneous Interpreting
90 minutes
Generally used in large conferences, media launches, press releases and webinars.
Sign Interpreting
90 minutes
A sign language interpreter, fluent in two or more languages. For meetings and webinars.

Related Services

Sight Interpreting

Sight translation transforms a written message into a spoken message. It involves reading a text, usually in a legal context, silently in the source language, and then speaking it in the target language.

Tutorial Interpreting

YouTube has become an important channel for study. Video tutorial interpreting leverages Zoom's screen sharing feature, where the interpreter conveys the tutorial content in the target language.

Event Scheduling

We take care of contacting Zoom participants, scheduling, assigning interpreters from our pool of certified professionals in the field, all in accordance with the host's POC and requirements.

Leveraging Remote Meetings with Zoom

Will the world be the same once Covid is over? We believe remote interpreting services on Zoom have come to stay since many benefits can be obtained by using this service. Here are the most important ones:

  • Saving money: no more traveling allowances
  • Enhancing international bonds with employees and clients
  • Fast solution: for example, there is no need to plan a training course for months. Just one or two weeks will be enough to organize an online training in several languages.

Ready to give it a try? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to arrange the right service for you!