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Translation: from source to target

Translation, the glue of the world, is a fairly simple concept; the act of translating the written word from one language to another language. But as we know in practice, there is absolutely nothing simple about it. Every translation project involves the translator adding their judgment and skill to capture the essence and meaning of the source. Generally, the more abstract the document, the more variation between two translations of it are likely to be, even though they both are considered correct.

Localization: cultural adaptation

Localization is the process of adjusting the functional properties and characteristics of a product to accommodate not only the difference in language at a basic translation level, but also the cultural, political, and legal differences of a foreign market. Localization transmits the meaning of the words in a way that is both culturally appropriate and has a much higher chance of connecting with the target audience. It goes beyond basic translation, including images, layouts, time and date formats.

Transcreation: creative writing

Transcreation goes beyond localization by adapting nuances, idioms, speech, and phrasing to the target language. Transcreation allows a product to be molded locally to carry the seed of a message and grow it in the soil of their native market, adapting wording, images, or even video. Your message is locally significant and even more digestible to the denizens of each locale. Transcreated text should elicit the same emotional response in the target language as it did in that of the source language.

We know It's Hard to Reach a Global Audience

In the bid to drive user engagement, exorbitant sums of money are spent by brands and business to create engaging, digital content. We save you time and money by expertly adapting your content to meet local expectations.

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Education Sales Specialist. Technical Translation Professor at Webster University.

Classical Languages Specialist. Translator/Interpreter. Greek, literature, linguistics, ethics.

Editor, AVSEC interpreter, developer and visual artist. Chief online editor at Airways Magazine.

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    Translation Plans

    Translation Plan
    300 words per purchase
    The content of the text, web copy or post message stays the same. The language operates within the literal word-for-word translation of everything. Images, layout, and brand vocabulary do not change.
    Transcreation Plan
    300 words per purchase
    Different content developed to meet business objectives. Developed in the local language. Images and layout are changed to meet local expectations. Brand vocabulary is enhanced and expanded.

    Words matter, in Every Language

    "All translation is a compromise – the effort to be literal and the effort to be idiomatic."
    Benjamin Jowett
    "Localization refers to the adaptation of...content to meet the language [and] cultural requirements of a specific target market."
    "[Transcreation] requires the translator to not only conceive new words but also to imagine new worlds."
    Viviana Gaballo